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शोध संचयन

ISSN 0975 1254(Print Version)
RNI No. DELBIL/2010/31292

Impact Factor of the Shodh Sanchayan-    5.375

An International Referred Research Journal
And a complete Periodical dedicated to Humanities & Social Science Research Printed & Electronic Edition

Hindi & English
Half Yearly

An Open Access Journal Dedicated to interdisciplinary Research of Humanities & Social Science

Our research journal’s contents are:

शोध संचयन के स्तम्भ (Column)-

शोध आलेख (Peer Reviwed Research Articles)

शोध सम्भावना (Articles Regarding Research Insight for New Researchers, New Trends and Innovations in the Field of Humanities and Social Science Research)

शोध विधा (Articles Regarding Research Methodology and thier Different Dimensions)

शोध परियोजना (Reports of Research Projects)

शोध समाचार एवं गतिविधियाँ (Information about Seminar/ Workshop/ Symposia/ Conference and thier Reportings, Research News and Notifications)

शोध सारांश (Research Abstracts)

शोध विमर्श (Discourse on New Trends, Pros & Cons of Humanities and Social Science Research)

शोध समीक्षा (Review of Awarded Thesis)

शोध साधना (Research Experience of the earlier Researchers)

शोध प्रकाशन (Review of Research Publications)