Publication Fee
Publication Fee Print

Publication of each page is cost effective, yet there are no publication charges. As costs are involved at each and every steps of the publication process in online and print copy, like manuscript handling form submission to publication, multiple peer-review, copy-editing, typesetting, tagging and indexing of articles, Electronic composition and production, hosting the final article on dedicated servers, electronic archiving, server and website update and maintenance, printing and overheads.
Publication of research articles is preferred for our members. Author and Co-authors are advised to take membership.

The author is asked to pay an article review charge.The review charge must be paid prior to publication.


Only acceptance is replied but rejected articles are not returned to the Author. Time factor is more important in review process. Please do not hurry about publication. Feel free to contact for any query. Review process is very tedius and expensive. So for review charges Rs. 700/- are accepted for stationary and communication expenditure. It is non-refundable. the journal does not charge article submission fees and if the article is selected only then author is required to pay a review charge of Rs.700 before publication.

आलेखों के स्वीकृति की सूचना दी जाती है, अस्वीकृति पर शोध आलेख वापस करने की कोई व्यवस्था नहीं है. संपर्क में किसी भी प्रकार संकोच न करें. समीक्षा की प्रक्रिया श्रम एवं समय साध्य है. अस्तु शोध प्रकाशन के प्रक्रिया में जल्दबाजी अनपेक्षित है. आलेख समीक्षा हेतु स्टेशनरी एवं पत्राचार आदि व्यय के लिए समीक्षा शुल्क अदा करना होगा. इसकी वापसी नहीं होती है. शोध आलेख के लिए किसी प्रकार के शुल्क जी आवश्यकता नहीं है. यदि शोध आलेख स्वीकृत हो जाता है तो लेखक को प्रकाशन के पूर्व समीक्षा शुल्क 700/- प्रेषित करना होगा.